How To Approach People In Nudist Communities The Right Way

If you’re new to naturism, and you’ve asked yourself questions like, “How do I know what to do around other nudists?” or “What should I NOT do around other nudists?” before, you’re not alone. Chances are, your questions have led you to this article, and for that, we’re glad! 

There’s a lot to learn if you’re a naturism newbie, but etiquette is one of the most important things to familiarise yourself with! We all want nudist communities to remain a safe space for people of all identities alike, so let’s all do our part to learn how to be supportive members of the community.

So whip out your notebook or phone and get ready to take some notes because here are some essential, must-know tips about how to approach others in nudist communities the right way! 

1. Remember the basics.

One of the most critical foundations of naturism is that nudity does not equal consent. So with this in mind, always air on the side of caution, and don’t make unwanted comments on others’ bodies, invade personal space, or touch or even snap photos of someone without their consent. Essentially, any behavior that could be mistaken as odd or overbearing that you wouldn’t do in the ‘real’ world, don’t do it in the nudist community either!

2. Strike up non-sexual conversations. 

Naturism and sex-positivity aren’t just about sex, so let’s leave the sex talk for when appropriate. The point of joining a community of like-minded people is to make genuine connections, so do so by being your 100% authentic self! You’re allowed to talk about whatever your heart desires, but use your best judgment and remember, there’s a time and place for everything. 

3. Look people in their eyes when speaking.

The fastest way to make someone else uncomfortable is by looking at every other inch of their body while talking besides their eyes. Nudists don’t go naked for the sake of everyone’s pleasure, so treat people with respect and make sure they know that you’re hearing them, not just ogling. 

4. Be careful with flirting. 

Trying to flirt in the nudist community can take a wrong turn if you aren’t careful. Not everyone is searching for love or romantic connections, so test the waters before you full-on approach someone. What’s most important is being as respectful and self-aware as possible, so only flirt while using your best judgment. 

5. Always have a listening ear. 

It’s okay not to know what to do when you’re around other nudists, so the best thing you can do is ask the right questions and listen to the experiences of others. And if you’re unsure about whether something is inappropriate or something has made you feel uncomfortable, always confide in someone who can help

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Written by Reese Williams.
Reese is a full-time freelance copywriter and a part-time plant mom, cook, and thrift shop regular. When she’s not caring for her plant babies or cooking up a new dish she found on TikTok, you’ll usually find her online at fiverr.